The_Happy_Hob is a Twitch streamer[1] notable for "no-hitting" video games[2] by playing them to completion without taking a single enemy-inflicted hit[3]. He was the first person to ever "no-hit" a Dark Souls game[4]. His initial "no-hit" run of Dark Souls was met with disbelief by the series' creator Hidetaka Miyazaki[5] due to the difficulty of that franchise[6]. He inflicts considerable punishments upon himself for failing self-assigned "no-hit" challenges[7]. His most well-known "no-hit" runs to date are the Dark Souls trilogy run[8] and the so-called "God Run" which was comprised of the Dark Souls trilogy, Bloodborne, and Demon's Souls[9].

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His real name is Aiden Mason[10]. He stands 5'4" and eats a diet exclusively of pot noodles and Ferrero Rocher. His favorite book is The Mind Illuminated, his favorite film is Good Will Hunting, and his favorite person is "the love of my life and my babe, Megantron". Despite having a favorite book, he is semi-illiterate due to spurious homeschooling. He frequently excuses his deficiencies by citing that his father smoked a lot of herb when he was a child. He elicits subscriptions from unsuspecting viewers by threatening his beloved pooch Linkypoo. If breaking keyboards and controllers in soy-fueled fits of rage is ever rendered a punishable crime, he will have to serve multiple life sentences.