Real Name
Tom Cassell
Primary Games
Minecraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Syndicate Cassell (born June 23, 1993) is a partnered livestreamer on Twitch. His YouTube channel currently has just short of 9.8 million subscribers.

Twitch Channel[]


Cassell started his YouTube channel, TheSyndicateProject on 3 September 2010. Before that point he worked at a Fast Food chain. He blew up quick at the young age of 18. As of March 2018 the channel has 9.9 million subscribers and 2 billion video views, and is the 176th most subscribed on the website. The channel was originally built on Halo and Modern Warfare 2 let's play videos, but came to prominence with the release of the Call of Duty: Black Ops "Zombies" mode, and further grew due to the series 'The Minecraft Project'. In 2014, Cassell started a Minecraft series with Jericho called Mianite. Cassell also operates a second channel, SyndicateCentral, which consists primarily of vlogs. In February 2012, he was given the honor of judging the prestigious British Academy (Bafta) Games Awards.[1]

Cassell runs a Twitch channel (est. February 2012) which, as of February 2016 has over 2 million followers, making it one of the most followed channels on the website. Cassell is also influential through social media, with over 2.4 million followers on Twitter and over 1.6 million on Instagram. In November 2014 Cassell, along with fellow YouTuber Adam Montoya (SeaNanners), in cooperation with media company 3BlackDot launched a multi-channel network, Jetpak, aiming for a more fair payment model for the revenue made.

He's a huge fan of cycling and mountain biking, though he doesn't find much time for these activities. In his free time he likes to adventure and travel with his friends and family, both indoors and outdoors. He considers his time in the fast food industry as a great stepping stone and a positive experience. He has stated that it went a long way towards training him in social skills. Before he began posting on YouTube, his initial plan was to use the money from his side job to travel the world. He went to university just in case he might need it in the future, and he did so for 3 years, but it was not his preferred choice. Initially, he studied electrical installation, but due to the extreme amount of maths involved in it, he gave up to pursue gaming more professionally. It is a lifelong dream of his to develop his own video game some day and he laments not having gone into professional game design early.

Clothes Line[]

Syndicate Original is Tom Cassell's personal clothing line. Most pieces are T-Shirts, both male and female, that sport the Syndicate logo.[2]

Streaming Schedule[]

Syndicate broadcasts daily at 7pm-9pm


  • Tom's dad is a project manager in the construction trade.
  • On March 16, 2014 he skydived with his godfather and father as a late celebration of having hit 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.[3]
  • On 17 August 2014, Cassell reached 1 million followers to his Twitch channel, the first person to do so.[4][5]
  • In February 2016, Cassell announced that he will be the voice of Loki in the mobile app game Marvel Avengers Academy.[6][7]
  • Cassell left school after taking his A-levels at Hyde Clarendon college and decided against university to concentrate on his YouTube channel.[8]
  • He owns a tortoise named Eric and a cat named Tia at his home, as well as a dog called Milo, who is an obese Jack Russell.[9]