Sky Williams
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Real name
Sky Scott Williams
Santa Monica, California
Primary games
League of Legends, Smash
Streaming since

Sky Scott Williams, formally Gregory Scott Williams (born January 31, 1990) is a director, stand-up comedian, video blogger and partnered livestreamer on Twitch. Sky has gone out and publically stated that he was so passionate about creating content on Twitch, and YouTube; he turned away from the preset path of becoming doctor when he declined an acceptance letter from Stanford University. As of September 2017, he's had over 908,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 275,000 followers on Twitch.[1]

Sky's content usually revolves around his personal experiences with video gaming and its various communities, often delivered through monologues or rants. He's close friends with fellow League of Legends streamers Sp4zie, and Sunnysplosion and often plays with them in stream.

Twitch channel[]


Sky was born in San Jose, California and grew up in Gilroy as the youngest of three children. His siblings are named Alex and Nick. His parents, Sharon and Greg divorced when he was 3 years old and he remained with his mother, who subsequently got married. He has stated that he did not get along with his stepfather.[2]

He was a very athletic child throughout early school life. He was also a very apt student, as he was encouraged by his school to take part in the Gifted and Talented Education program. He started struggling with depression in the sixth grade, which was further exacerbated by his fellow students, many of whom actively bullied him. It was around this time that he figured out that he's homosexual and in trying to keep from shaming his family, took an oath to keep it a secret, forever. He did however, find much solace in playing video games, most notably the video game Super Smash Brothers.[2]

This led to his fascination with competitive online video gaming and struggling to be the best at the game. He started going to gaming tournaments, every weekend. Around this time he also got involved in improvised humor, as a hobby, which eventually became part of his career. His first comedy triumph was a talent show victory in his high school, which was the first event where he pitched his own jokes. At this point he had concluded that he would grow up to become a comedian.[2]

After continuous disapproval and disparagement from his family, Sky got in a heated argument with his stepfather, leading to his decision to move out, permanently. In that same year he lost his best friend to bacterial meningitis, which is an event that further worsened his depression. Around this time he began playing League of Legends actively, as a hobby. He wound up living in Los Angeles, through 6 years of working as a server at Applebees.[2] It was there that he lucked into hearing about a Flappers comedy competition, in which he placed first in the semifinal,[3] then fourth in the final, out of over 400 comedians. A short time later, he made his first comedy video on YouTube, a rant about League of Legends players.[4] His video blew up on YouTube and on Reddit, and in two short months he had become a celebrity.

Streaming schedule[]

Note: As of September 2017, Sky has stopped his standard stream schedule

  • Mon: 6-10PM PST
  • Tues: 6-10PM PST
  • Wed: 6-10PM PST
  • Thurs: 6-10PM PST
  • Fri: 6-10PM PST
  • Sat: N/A
  • Sun: N/A

A Message to the Depressed[]

On August 11, 2014, Sky posted a motivational support video for and about the depressed, which was a considerable stray from his usual comedic themes.[5] In it, he draws upon his own experiences with depression, in an effort to help those in need. The video was partly inspired by the then recent alleged suicide of actor Robin Williams. The video blew up to over two million views and remains his most viewed video to date. It went viral across The Internet, notable because it reached far wider than just the sphere of gaming and his subscribers. The video was even covered by famous online portals such as The UK Telegraph[6] and The Huffington Post.[7]