Real Name
Tyler Steinkamp
Missouri, United States
Primary Games
League of Legends

loltyler1, simply known as tyler1, is an American Twitch streamer with over three million followers. He is best known for playing League of Legends, though his videos stretch out to any and every genre. Tyler is known in the League of Legends community for playing Marksmen in solo queue, Draven being the champion which he is mostly recognized for.

In January 2018, Tyler broke a new Twitch record at that time by hitting 386,000 views on stream, breaking the previous 245,000 record set by Sang-hyeok "Faker" Lee. It was his first League of Legends stream, after being previously banned from the game for unsportsmanlike behavior.[1] However, a month later, this record was broke by Dr Disrespect.[2]

He was voted as the runner-up under the category "Streamer of the Year" at the Esports Awards 2018.[3]


Tyler Steinkamp was born on March 7, 1995, in Missouri, United States. He was a Computer Science student at the Central Methodist University, but withdrew in order to focus on his streaming career.[4] He currently lives with his girlfriend, Macaiyla, who also started a Twitch channel.


Tyler created his Twitch account in 2013, but his channel gained popularity in 2016. He became known in the League of Legends community for his toxic behavior, which included verbal abuse, insulting and threatening players, and intentionally losing the game for his team.

Permanent ban[]

On April 30, 2016, Riot Games announced tyler1's permanent ban from League of Legends for unsportsmanlike behavior and his long history with banned accounts, claiming that every account used by Tyler would be banned upon identification.[5]

In October 2017, Riot Games employee Aaron "Sanjuro" Rutledge posted on the "r/leagueoflegends" Discord server about Tyler1, stating that he looks like a "damn humunculous" and that "it would be fine because he would die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids". These Discord statements were posted by an user on the League of Legends reddit.[6] A few days after the incident, Sanjuro was fired from Riot Games.

Unban and return[]

On January 4, 2018, Tyler made a tweet claiming that he was officially unbanned from League of Legends and stated that he would start streaming again on 8th January. On his first stream since his return, Tyler broke a new Twitch record at that time by hitting 386,000 views, breaking the previous 245,000 record set by Sang-hyeok "Faker".[1]

Streaming schedule[]

  • Monday-Friday 3-5pm ISH CT


  • The "BigBrother" emote is usually used to reference tyler1.

Twitch channel[]