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H1Z1, Dota 2
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Twitch Channel[]


Jawnilla started streaming back in 2013 when he found out about twitch, before he started out as a Youtuber. Later, He became a part of a group of people who plays the same game as he is(H1Z1). They called themselves PUGS and started dominating servers by playing together and having fun. Some of them record their gameplay and upload them on Youtube and that's how they got their viewership. Then, they decided to record a gameplay of how they play DOTA 2. It went viral and It all started from there. A year later they decided to meet-up in a Dota 2 International Tournament that was going to be held in Manila, Philippines(Manila Majors). He was really skeptical about going at first because he didn't have that much money. He had enough money for a plane ticket and other expenses for the trip or an upgrade for my computer(GPU). He decided and bought the ticket and settled into meeting-up with his Internet friends. They've known each other for over 2 years (from the internet) so, seeing them face-to-face in person was exciting. Then, the Manila Majors happened and they got to hang out for a few days. After the event when they all got back to their homes and talked about how great their experience was (Living in the same house, going out together, streaming together). They then got the idea of making a Gaming House where they can stream, record content, & just be in 1 place together playing games. Then again, He was skeptical at first and never expected it to happen. He was doing the freelance job and earn a little bit of money to feed himself but it doesn't really sustain him to pay bills and such. Then, thinking they had a lot of people who support them from their DOTA 2 Series and decided to make themselves a campaign website to start their dreams of building their Gaming House. After 4 days of posting and releasing their campaign, they hit their goal and they knew from there their lifes would change forever. They were brainstorming for a name for their group cause PUGS wasn't the name people knew them for, then they decided to name themselves PEENOISE REALM. After almost a year of living in the PeenoiseRealm Gaming House, He would say that everything is going towards something big, Something they can be proud of. There were a lot of hardships and struggles at first but now he's giving it his best to embrace this blessing and return it to his viewers.