How to add a streamer page

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Don't see your favorite streamer here? Its easy to add a page to Streamerpedia! You can either create the page yourself or request that it be created with information you provide.

Please note that all new pages are subject to our vandalism policy, which extends to adding false information to the wiki.

Create the page yourself

Its easy to create a basic streamer page on Streamerpedia! To create a page, you can enter the page name into the search box and then click the linked text "Create the page XXXXX on this wiki." This will automatically take you to the edit interface for that page. In order to make the page look the same as the other streamer pages, you can visit our new streamer page template and copy and paste the text there onto your new page. From there its pretty self-explanatory where to put the rest of the information! If you need assistance with anything, you can post on the community discussion page.

Request a page

You can request a page be created by the Streamerpedia staff using this form. Please take the time to fill out the form as completely as possible, as this will help us ensure that only top-quality pages are being added. Requested pages will be added periodically, so if you want to see your favorite streamer on the wiki right away, then think about creating the page yourself using the simple instructions above!