Streamerpedia is hosting its first Wiki Editing Contest from February 5 through March 5.

How to Enter

First place will receive $100 Steam Cash or Riot Points

This contest is now over. The winners are:

First Place: Nakriin
Second Place: Albusdumbeldore
Third Place: Asassin 1

  • All winners will be contacted via the email associated with their Gamepedia account


First Place: One (1) Editor will receive $100 Steam Cash OR 14,400 Riot Points + Exclusive "Wiki Editing Contest Winner" Achievement on Gamepedia
Second Place: One (1) Editor will receive $50 Steam Cash OR 7,200 Riot Points
Runners Up: One (1) Runner Up will receive $25 Steam Cash OR 3,500 Riot Points Each

Check the Leaderboard so Far

You can check the scores on this page. Remember, our admins aren't part of the competition! :)

New to Wiki Editing?

To view wiki editing tutorials and tips for beginners, you can check out the Gamepedia Help Wiki.

View the streamer pages for Sky Williams or Swifty to use as a template when editing or creating new pages.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you'd like to participate in the Editing Contest, but you're unsure where to start - don't fret! You can help improve the wiki by:

  • Fixing spelling or grammatical errors on existing pages
  • Uploading and adding images to existing pages
  • Adding Trivia or Bio sections to exiting streamer pages
  • Create a Streamer page for your favorite streamer or yourself

Have Questions? Feel free to email or contact a wiki admin on the Admin Noticeboard.