Dwight_LoL also known as "Pig" is an aspiring actor and an affiliated partially full time streamer. Dwight_LoL plays League of Legends (He's in the top 20%), and Old School RuneScape.

He has produced many hits such as "Elo Hell ft. DJ COD" and "Dude Sign My C%CK!".

Early Life

Dwight, formerly born as Juliana Hernandez, escaped the evil tyranny of the "Las Sandías" cartel based in California. Dwight attended the prestigious 'educación especial' high-school in East LA. During his schooling he met his best (and only) friend; Onla (Real name 🅱Grzegorz 🅱rzęczyszczykiewicz). Onla was a Polish immigrant whom'st've was looking for plumbing work after having ran a brothel in Estonia and then being hunted down by INTERPOL. Barely escaping the evil anti-prostitution fascists, Onla agreed to mop the deck and clean the latrine on the international freighter "Kurwa".

Dwight and Onla had a love-and-hate relationship at first. It all changed when Onla found out that Juliana wanted to transition from female to male. Onla tried to stop him and threw away his pills, as it was offensive to his religion (Hentai). Juliana persevered through as a strong independent woman and is now a strong independent man! :-)


  • Consistently gets bad team mates, that hold him back.
  • Will climb to Platinum 3 by the start of season 8. (November 2017)
  • Ice Poseidon, DJ Cod and Dwight425 made him.
  • Has done two 24 hour streams so far.
  • Has been streaming for over a year.
  • If you dont know the answer, It's always D for Dwight.
  • Doesn't E-Date (has too many fan girls)
  • His MMR is always lower than his rank (Rank > MMR)
  • Believes Thomas Jefferson created the light bulb.