Dwight_LoL also known as "Pig" is an aspiring actor and an affiliated partially full time streamer. Dwight_LoL plays League of Legends (He's in the top 20%), and Old School RuneScape.

Dwight A.K.A. Dwiggy A.K.A. Piggy is also successful rapper going under the alias Tony V. He has produced many hits such as "Elo Hell ft. DJ COD" and "Dude Sign My C%CK!".


  • Consistently gets bad team mates, that hold him back.
  • Will climb to Platinum 3 by the start of season 8. (November 2017)
  • Ice Poseidon, DJ Cod and Dwight425 made him.
  • Has done two 24 hour streams so far.
  • Has been streaming for over a year.
  • If you dont know the answer, It's always D for Dwight.
  • Doesn't E-Date (has too many fan girls)
  • His MMR is always lower than his rank (Rank > MMR)